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            Pack 2 uses Scout Manage ( to collect and track achievement information for all members of Pack 2.

Parents can update which requirements their son has worked on at home. This can be for their rank advancement, or for any of the other 330 awards that Scout Manage supports.

Den Leaders can track the attendance, activities, dues, and achievements of the scouts in their care. Along with parents, they can track progress towards rank and any of the other 330 awards available, representing thousands of individual requirements.

Awards Coordinator can track who has earned which awards. They can easily manage lists of awards to purchase, and awards to present. Scout Manage will fill out BSA advancement forms.

            Each Pack 2 family is provided with a login into Scout Manage. If you have any problems logging in or do not know your username / password, send an email to

            Parents enter into Parent’s Mode, which provides a simpler to use interface for parents of scouts who just want the basic information from Scout Manage. Pack leaders use Full Mode.

Logging into Scout Manage: From an Internet browser, go to Click on the Click to Login button. This brings up the Please Login window. Enter your Username and Password and then click the Login button.

Selecting a Member: From the home page, click on the scout’s name in the Scouts/Leaders box. From any page, click on Scout from the middle menu and then click on the scout’s name. This brings up that scout’s Home Page.

Rank Advancement: Click on the Rank button to bring up the Rank Advancement window. To check the progress towards Rank, click on the View icon (^). To edit achievements, click on the Edit icon (paper with pen). This brings up the Edit Rank Advancement window. Check any achievements that have been completed, along with the date completed and add any comments in the Comment field. When finished, click on the Save button.

Entering New Achievements: To enter a new achievement (belt loop, pin, activity badge, etc.), click on Add New Achievement in the Quick Links menu. In Step 1, select In Progress if the achievement is being work on or Completed, but Not Yet Received if work on the achievement has been completed. In Step 2, enter the Date Started. In Step 3, scroll down to the achievement and click the Select button.

In Progress Achievements: Click on the In Progress button.  To view progress on an achievement, click the View icon (^) to the right of the award.  To edit an achievement, click on the Edit icon (paper with pen). This brings up the Edit Achievement window. Click the checkbox for the requirement that has been completed, along with the date completed. Enter any comments in the Comments field. When finished marking requirements, click the Save button. To exit without updating, click the Cancel button.

            For more complete and visual details, see the Simplified Guide for Parents.

Icon File Name Comment  
Getting_Started_for_Unit_Administrators.pdf Leaders / Administrators Guide to Scout Manage  
Simplified_Guide_for_Parents.pdf Parent's Guide to Scout Manage