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Cub Scout Pack 2
(Downingtown, Pennsylvania)
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Interested in Scouting?

Join The Winning Team!

We're the Cub Scouts and We're Having More FUN!

Join Cub Scout  Pack 2 serving the St. Joseph Parish Community.  We have lots of fun and exciting activities that you will enjoy with your friends and family.  This is a great opportunity for the for boys to make friends and build confidence!

Where else would your son be involved in…

  • Pinewood Derby races are more exciting than NASCAR?  Hearts pound and the boys cheer as the cars zoom down the track.  Parents who are still kids-at-heart race cars against other boys.  It’s the loudest, wildest, fastest day of the year!
  • Community Service Projects? Cub Scouts help with a variety of projects, from collecting canned goods for local shelters, to helping St. Joseph Church and other neighborhood groups.
  • Age appropriate outdoor fun? The Cub Scout camping program includes both day camps and overnight experiences at facilities in our area.  There’s nothing like learning to shoot an arrow on the archery range, performing skits, or roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Cub Scouting is not a spectator sport. The ultimate goal of Cub Scouts is to bring the family together in positive activities.  That’s where the parents come in.

As a Cub Scout parent you can expect:

  • To join a “Den.”  All Cub Scouts join a “Pack” and are assigned a Den.  A Den is a group of boys (generally in number from 6 – 8) in the same grade as your son.  On average, each Den will meet twice a month to work on activities and projects, and to have fun!  The time you invest in your son’s Den is the most important part of his time in Cub Scouts.
  • To make memories that will last a lifetime.  You and your son will go outdoors, indoors, throughout the community, and end up learning from each other and sharing moments that will be impossible to forget.
  • To have fun.  There is no doubt about it; Cub Scouting continues to be one of the most exciting programs for boys.  From camping trips and a host of other activities, to the smile on you son’s face when he earns his first badge, you and your son will have fun!

Come and join the winning team and have some great fun being a Cub Scout!

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